Our Wedding Story
Jay and I were engaged on July 12, 2010 in the Eternal City.  We were at the top of the Vittorio Emanuele Monument when he surprised me with a beautiful proposal.  At the time, I thought Rome was the perfect place for an engagement... little did I know then that it would also be the perfect place for a wedding!  

Our decision to have a small, intimate wedding in Rome happened on a January night.  Jay and I had been discussing potential wedding plans without much certainty or excitement until the conversation turned to the idea of a Destination Wedding.  Suddenly, a song came on by Phoenix and Jay named its title out loud:  Rome!

Although we knew we would be disappointing many people by having a small wedding, we knew that this type of wedding would be perfect for us.  Jay and I love to travel and making it a part of our wedding seemed to be the best way to celebrate our love.  After our wedding planning had been delayed for months, we now had, after only a few minutes, a clear vision of what the wedding would look like and the wedding plans finally felt right.  We knew we wanted our closest family and friends to be a part of this trip of a lifetime and were excited to share the news with them.

As our wedding day approaches, I realize that many of the family and friends who won't be there to share our special day would also like to know the details of our wedding experience.  Therefore, I've created this website to keep everyone up to date on our plans.  I hope you enjoy reading about our story and we can't wait to celebrate with you upon our return!

When this website is complete (yet another project in the works!), I also hope that this site will serve as a resource for other couples who may be considering a wedding in Rome.  There are many resources out there to help plan a wedding abroad but I hope this more personal approach will prove useful and inspirational to many.