The song that started it all:

Phoenix - Rome

Project 365:
The day that Jay and I were engaged I decided it would be a good time to embark on a wonderful adventure called Project 365:  A picture a day for a year. I have to admit, some days were tough, but I also have to say it's the most enjoyable project I've ever worked on - not only did I enjoy the process but I love the end result. As I look back at my year in pictures, I'm reminded of the amazing moments, people, and places that fill my life and how much I enjoy capturing them one picture at a time.  The project became so meaningful in my life that on 7.12.11, the anniversary of our engagement, I began Year Two of Project 365.  I plan to continue to document my life and as many of our wedding details as possible.  It's such a magical time in our lives, I couldn't imagine not having this record of all the special moments.  Below are some P365 photographs that are related to our engagement and wedding.  Check back often, as I'll continue to add pictures as we continue to prepare for 6.30.12.