Jay and I both love photography so this part of the planning was very important to us.  Federica suggested several outstanding photographers, but in the end we decided to go with someone I came across during my hours of browsing through Italian photographer websites.  As soon as I landed on Daniele Lanci Photography, I knew he was perfect for us.

Daniele is a photojournalist who takes a more documentary-style approach to his photography.  His photographs are less posed and more spontaneous captures of moments and emotions.  

From Daniele Lanci's website:
"Every shot is thought, reasoned... his image takes us back in the real scene, to share his emotions and those of his subjects.  His photos reflect his passion and his desire to tell a story through light... For his work he prefers black and white... with them, our soul is immersed..."

View a selection of our wedding pictures here.

Daniele Lanci Photography