The Church

There are over 900 churches in Rome and most of these are Roman Catholic so we had many, many options.  When we started looking at churches, so many of them seemed so beautiful... how would we ever choose?  The Studio Reportage website was a big help.  They have a section on churches where they provide photographs of weddings at many different churches in Rome.  As I browsed through the photographs of the churches, I tried to picture myself walking down the aisle of each one but when I came to the Church of Santa Costanza, I knew right away that was the one and it became our 1st choice for our ceremony.

Photograph by Studio Reportage

The Church of Santa Costanza is a 4th century church It was built under Constantine as a mausoleum for his daughter Constantina, also known as Costanza.  The church is the oldest in Christendom that is still in use as a church and it is a prime example of original early Christian art.  The mosaics are some of the oldest examples of Christian art in the world.  I love knowing that Jay and I will be married in a church that has stood the test of time and lived up to its name of "Constance." 

Something else I really love about the Church of Santa Costanza is the altar:  

Photograph by Studio Reportage

Photograph by Studio Reportage

Right away, I loved that it was in the center of the church, right beneath the dome with natural light shining on it.  Since I knew we would have very few guests, I fell in love with the central space when I saw that it is articulated by 12 pairs of coupled Corinthian columns with arches between them, which support the dome lit by 12 windows.  What a perfect number, 12:  the date we were engaged, the number of guests we are inviting to our wedding, the year of our marriage, the number of countries we plan to visit during our honeymoon!

This structure will allow our guests to surround us in a circular formation during the ceremony, adding to the intimacy of the ceremony.  I think this arrangement will be more suitable for our small wedding party than a traditional church would be.  It will also be very unique!