The Proposal

~ July 12, 2010 ~
fascino:  masculine noun meaning charm, enchantment

Jay and I chaperoned a student trip to Italy during the summer of 2010.  Although Italy was the perfect location for a proposal, the circumstances weren't exactly convenient for planning one.  After missing his opportunity the 1st time on a gondola in Venice, the 2nd time at a hilltop church in Capri, and the 3rd time in front of the Trevi Fountain, Jay finally got the opportunity to pop the question on our last day in Rome.  While the students were shopping for souvenirs, he took me to the top of the Vittorio Emanuele Monument and surprised me completely!  So for us, the 4th time was the charm:  Il fascino di Roma.  


The Vittorio Emanuele Monument, nicknamed the "Wedding Cake" by Italians, has a new elevator called "Rome from the Sky."  For 7 euros, you can take the elevator to the rooftop and enjoy a grand 360 degree view of the city, a breathtaking experience.  These were the amazing views we had during the proposal: